CMS 42 a simple CMS with an extraordinary¬† vision to imply simplicty with usability, I created CMS 42 as something the requires zero configuration for people even with the strictest of webservers. All they need is a server with PHP 5 installed and everything else shall come. How do I accomplish such as task? Simple I elimate the¬† normal client-server interaction that most Content Management systems undergo which is the fact that they use MySQL for the database and since it requires authentication configuration is required. So what are you using for the Database? Well that is where I got thinking since the XML manipulation is not in PHP by default I thought about SQLite which turns out works very well and allows any server with PHP 5 to use it. Any server? Yes I really do mean any server since SQLite is with PHP 5 by default. Thereby making it the best choice to use since most people will never have to ever see how it actually works and can be up and going in under 30 seconds I don’t know of any CMS available today that can do such a thing, so in turn I really think this is an amazing idea that people should really take the time to look at. I do know that right now it does not look so great but,¬† Rome was not built in a day. Anyway if you would like to help build the wonderful CMS just leave a comment or send a message to me I would love to have you help

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